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Wade Sellers

Wade Sellers – Coder, mentor, youtuber

A talk with Wade Sellers about his digital nomad journey

In the first episode of DND Goes Behind The Scenes, we are interviewing digital nomad Wade Sellers. He left the states only 5 months ago to start his digital nomad lifestyle journey in Bali. Working remote isn’t a new concept for Wade because he has been cafe hopping back in Florida. He asked his boss ‘How remote is remote?’ and created his own opportunity by working remotely from Bali. He is enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle a lot but we asked Wade to chat about the #notsosexystuff.

What person changed your life and inspired you to live the digital nomad lifestyle? 

Wade learned about the digital nomad lifestyle where you can work and travel via YouTubers Christian creator of YouTube Channel LostLeBlanc and digital nomad Chris the Freelancer.

How was your week?

Aside from his remote job, Wade is also working on his passion projects. He created video content on Instagram and has been playing around with funny video edits. Soon, his IGTV channel Apple Picking will be launched so we will see more of Nomad Wade!

What was your main struggle last week?

Figuring out your routines is super important. This especially goes for when you are working on multiple things at the same time. Back home in Florida Wade had a pretty solid routine. He finds it hard though to find balance in the digital nomad lifestyle because there is simply so much cool stuff. Finding balance and creating good routines is an on-going process but after 5 months he finally gets the hang of it.

Wade likes to start the day with structure and starts his morning routine always the night before. Three main elements of his morning routine are:

Gratitude practice 🧘🏼‍♂️

Accomplishment journal 📖

Task organizer Todoist 👨🏽‍💻

Want to learn more about his morning routine? Just grab a look at his digital nomad lifestyle morning routine below.

Wake up between 6:30 am – 7:30 am
Client Work from 8 am – 12am 

After dinner Wade goes for another work session, do a yoga practice or just does fun stuff. He adds that it’s important to have a routine. On top of that, if you start your day early you have simply more time!

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What is your greatest failure in your digital nomad lifestyle so far?

One of is current challenges as a digital nomad is dating. Dating is hard and there are two problems when it comes to dating. Number one is that you don’t want to date someone that is leaving soon because that simply doesn’t make sense for long-term goals. However, people who stay usually become your close friends, close friends of friends or your family – so you don’t want to mess it up. Bali is an interesting place because there are many people here to date, the question is though, what is the right way?

What advice do you give yourself and others about how to live the digital nomad lifestyle?

His number one advice is to be realistic about your expectations of this lifestyle. Bali is a great digital nomad location to live and work remote. Many nomads live out here and it gives you space to explore, learn and grow. The costs of living are low for high quality and you also don’t have to hold on things for a long period of time. With that, however, there are many distractions. Enjoy the party but realize that you are also just living your life here. And sticking to your routines is key.

What book or podcast do you recommend?

You Are A Badass Everyday by Jen Sincero. By reading this book he feels like it gave him permission to look at money as a gateway and no intimidation at all.

Key Take Aways For Nomads

✅ Define your own morning routine to start the day with your best food forward 

✅ Be realistic about your expectations for the nomadic lifestyle 

✅ Enjoy the party but realize that you are also living your life here

✅ Sticking to your routines is key


Watch the digital nomad interview with Wade


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Watch the full video to learn a bit about the importance of a solid morning routine and Wade’s experiences with the nomadic lifestyle. 

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