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A Work/Life Balance Conversation With Manda and Meleah Manning

A Work/Life Balance Conversation With Manda and Meleah Manning

In this episode of Digital Nomad Talks we are honoured to have a conversation with entrepreneurs, sisters and business companions, Manda and Meleah Manning also known as Sistersthatstray. We talk about their journey of becoming location independent and their personal take on the link between a work/life balance and a high level of productivity.

Rather than focusing on limitations, Manda and Meleah decided to quit their jobs in Florida to pursue their dream of starting their own business in tropical Costa Rica. Throughout their journey they’ve found their passion in holistic health and female empowerment, coaching women to love their bodies, to heal their relationship with food and to start their own business online. All, so they can create a beautiful abundance of time and become the healthiest and wealthiest versions of themselves.

Hi girls, how are you?

“We’re thriving and happy to be in Bali”. Both Manda and Meleah are early morning people. A solid morning routine helps you achieve more, think clearly and do things that actually matter. They, therefore, start their day with mindfulness and a practice of gratitude. A routine that includes meditation and/or journaling what they are thankful for. Because, if you choose to start your day on purpose, you can control the first few important actions that determine how the rest of your day turns out.

What person inspired you to pursue the nomadic lifestyle?

One of their biggest inspirations is Kathrin from Manifestation Babe. “She is a total boss babe and her podcast gave us the inspiration to know that we could lead this life of total freedom too” Meleah says. Yet, their desire to go nomadic also came from within and from each other. Both were working unfulfilling jobs in Florida and they’ve always known they were meant for something more meaningful. For a long time, they aspired to become their own bosses, in life as well as in business. In the end, it was this urge and gut feeling that led them to  follow their intuition of living a nomadic lifestyle.

What is so awesome about the nomadic lifestyle?

“The best thing is having freedom. Freedom of our time and our financials”

The sisters agree that one of the most amazing things is, to be in total control of your own business and to have complete freedom to scale it as big as you want. Compared to their previous jobs, now, there’s no cap on how much they can earn, what they can do or where they can go. When being your own boss you have the freedom to work anywhere in the world. They continue: “ We absolutely love to travel and explore different cultures. Our previous job didn’t allow us to do this, so it’s a huge privilege to be able to do what we’re passionate about”.

What are your biggest failures?

“We don’t believe in failures but in learning lessons”

Manda and Meleah describe entrepreneurship and the nomadic lifestyle as an ongoing learning process. However, their biggest learning lesson has been to take action. “As we tend to overthink things, it can paralyse you. Leaving you not doing anything at all” Leah says. So even if your idea is messy or feels like a mistake in the beginning, it will never be a failure if you just go for it. People make the mistake of waiting for the perfect time to start their own thing, to have their big launch or post their first Youtube video. Not realising that there isn’t such a thing as a perfect time. Therefore you should jump into it, wholeheartedly and never look back!

They furthermore mention that when it comes to entrepreneurship, it is good to have an accountability partner who compliments you. Someone who has different strengths and weaknesses than yourself. “If you already are in business together, you have to keep in mind to be each other’s biggest fans” Manda says.  Because some days you need to hear that you’re doing enough. As entrepreneurs, we are already passionate and driven people. So its good just to appreciate and recognise each other from time to time.

How do you keep eachother accountable for that?

“We’re all about structure, systems and huge believers in time blocks. Otherwise, our days get really jumbled and it’s hard to divide work from everyday life” Meleah says. In order to maximise your time and energy, time blocks are a good tool to get more done in less time. Another advice, is not to only put work tasks on your agenda. Schedule your “me”, “community” and “social time” to make sure you maintain a work/life balance.

What book or podcast would you recommend to other nomads and entrepreneurs?

Podcast: James Wedmore, Mind Your Own Business.

James Wedmore, a seven-figure online entrepreneur believes success is created by Mindset over Strategy, Magic over Metrics, and Attitude over Action.

Book: Kathrin Zenkina, Unleash Your Inner Money Babe.

“It’s about business, manifestation and creating the life that you love. A strong mindset for entrepreneurs is important and her book definitely contributes to that” – Meleah 

Manda and Meleah are only at the beginning of their digital nomad journey but ready to pursue their passion and help women make small mindset shifts to live an empowered life. If you want to learn more about their coaching program and how you can become the healthiest and wealthiest version of yourself, get in touch with them right here. Or visit their IG to follow their journey. View our top reads list picked by digital nomads here

Key Take Aways For Nomads

✅ In entrepreneurship, it is good to have an accountability partner

✅ Take care of your physical and mental health in order to maintain your energy flows

✅ Maximise your time and energy by implementing time blocks  

✅ Plan your time and schedule your day ahead

The power of morning routines with nomad Michael Saukulak

The power of morning routines with nomad Michael Saukulak

We interviewed Health and Fitness coach Michael Saukulak about the power of having a morning routine. He is the founder of Composure Fitness and we asked questions about his daily challenges when working online.

Michael has been a nomad for over 8 years. He was introduced to this lifestyle due to his position and location independent lifestyle when he was serving in the US military. His experience as an entrepreneur digital nomad is very different and comes with different challenges and he is facing new roadblocks. One of the things that keep him going is having a morning routine and especially as location independent creative entrepreneur. The morning routine has been massive a game changer for Michael and he shared his morning routine for you to try it out.

The morning routine of Michael Saukulak step-by-step

Step 1: It all starts the night before

Know what you need to do the next day and make sure you get atlas 8 hours of rest or sleep before. Put your phone further than an arms’ distance from your bed. In this way, when you have to turn off your alarm, you are out of bed anyway. This will definitely help you instead of having your phone next to your pillow.

Step 2: Drink water

When you sleep, especially when you are in an AC room, you will lose a lot of water.  Tip: front-load your water. Refill your water bottle or cup before you head to bed so when you wake you can drink right away.

Step 3: Do a full body inventory

This is very similar to a mindfulness practice but you basically to be present in your body and see how you actually feel from head to toe.

Step 4: Wake up your body in 10 minutes

Getting a sweat going in the morning. Nothing crazy like a CrossFit workout but just a few sets of push-ups or ab/core work out would be enough. It’s just to wake up the body.

Step 5: Give your body a ‘shock’

Getting a sweat going in the morning. Nothing crazy like a CrossFit workout but just a few sets of push-ups or ab/core work out would be enough. It’s just to wake up the body.

How to keep up with your morning routine when you are a traveling nomad?

Even though Michael is more or less a professional when it comes to morning routines and discipline, one of his main challenges is consistency. He explains that this is really important and not just for digital nomads but for everyone. He adds to that morning routines is all about taking small steps rather than a big thing.

Many people portray these morning mindfulness practices as big things but by starting small and just doing it, it becomes pretty easy. Another common challenge is to actually get out of bed. There are many tricks to get yourself out of bed but it all comes down to having the intention of wanting to build a good morning routine and then just slowly implementing it to your daily life.

Key Take Aways For Nomads

 ✅ If it feels to overwhelming then start small

 ✅ Consistency is key when it comes to morning routines

 ✅ Plan your day ahead

Want to see the full digital nomad talks interview? Sit back, relax and watch it below