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About Digital Nomads Daily

The laptop lifestyle

In the past 5 years, becoming a digital nomad and working online while travelling has become very popular. Social media, especially Instagram & YouTube, has exposed this lifestyle more than ever. Hashtags like #digitalnomad  #financialfreedom and #travelpreneur are trending. We get it, sipping coconuts and working only a couple of hours a day sounds like you are living the life. 

Of course, many people think that the digital nomad lifestyle is about freedom and an easy way of living. The truth is however, this lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight and bring its own challenges. We are talking about mental challenges, physical, economical and social challenges. This lifestyle is not about freedom, for us, it’s about living the life that feels right for you. If you want to achieve that state of happiness, you will need to work for it.

A global nomadic community

One of the most amazing things that we experienced is the feeling of community. When you are surrounded by digital nomads you will see quickly that it’s more like a culture. People come from all walks of life and share their feelings, thoughts and habits during their travels. We believe that this is what makes this community so rich. The community attracted open minded people and shows the world in varies lights.

Just like in any other culture, there are newbies, people who have lived this way for a long time and people somewhat in between that. This all happens on a global level. Even if you are back in your hometown but are still connected to the community, you will have nomadic experiences, talks and views of life. You stay connected to the people you met during travels.

How Digital Nomads Daily started

Digital Nomads Daily started in Bali, myself, Nienke Nina, was struggling and I realised I was not the only one. I started asking questions to fellow nomads we have been doing this for years. My questions were pretty straight forward and I started having really helpful conversations. You always learn from others when you ask questions and I see that nomads are happy to share their experiences with others. This what I love about the community.

Topics I love to talk about are mindset & routine, entrepreneurship and work/life balance and creating meaningful connections.

Col·lab·o·ra·tion 🧐


The action of working with someone to produce or create something.

Share your nomad experiences

photo of nienke nina website designer at start digital and creator of digital nomads daily

We are looking for digital nomads and people that work remotely. We are excited to share your story on Digital Nomads Daily 💛

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