The best digital nomad insurance for you.

Not sure what insurance for digital nomads is the best option? Discover the top insurance for digital nomads and remote workers.

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The best global health insurance for digital nomads:

Insured Nomads

International health insurance and travel insurance for digital nomads who need a long term solution. Click here

Remote Health by Safety Wing

A fully-equipped health insurance made for remote workers and nomads who spend as much time abroad as they please. Full coverage in your home country. Click here

The best travel insurance for Digital Nomads:

Insured Nomads

International travel insurance for digital nomads who need a long or short term solution. Click here


Travel medical insurance covering people from all over the world, while outside their home country. Click here

Genki travel insurance for digital nomads with digital nomads daily


Worldwide coverage care in every country and available to citizens of any country with a flexible monthly subscription and cancelΒ anytime from anywhere in the world.. Click here

Common questions digital nomads have:

Why do digital nomads need a health insurance?

Living the digital nomad lifestyle without insurance is common in the community. Unfortunely we have seen in online groups and nomad hubs the harsh reality of the negative resutls of traveling without an insurance.

Accidients caused by others or emergencies by your clumsy self can happen anytime. Therefore it’s important to take care of what is nesseccary and get an insurance that covers what matters to you.

A good health insurance is transparent about what they cover and make it easy to get in touch with the customer service. A medical health insurance covers not only emergencies but also check-ups, tests and other things you need on the long term.

Another reason for digital nomads to have a global health insurance is to get a visa. Many digital nomad visas require a health insurance so you don’t use the countries resources and a travel insurance is not enough.

Why do digital nomads need a travel insurance?

On top of a medical insurance you may want to consider getting a coverage for your personal belongings as well. Trael insurance tipicallly cover things like stolen good, lost luggage and delayed flights. There are many different travel insurances and because they are short periods of coverage they are highly flexible.

What is the difference between a health insurance and travel insurance?

Health insurance is life-long insurance that covers health-related issues in a specific location, for example, your country or origin. Travel insurance is temporary insurance on top of your health insurance that covers costs whilst traveling. Oftentimes a health insurance also covers larger treatments, medication and research methods like scans. Travel insurance often only covers when there is a specific reason like an accident.

We recommend to all digital nomads who don’t live in their home country anymore and therefore do not have insurance to get a global health insurance. Without this insurance, your travel insurance might not cover all costs, resulting in high hospital bills.

Do digital nomads need an insurance with global coverage ?

Some digital nomads travel the world and visit many places while other digital nomads take is slower and stay longer in one location. The coverage you need depends on where you travel too. Luckily nomads insurances are pretty flexible and you can select the continents and countries that matter to you. You do not need a global coverage if you aren’t traveling to all corners of the world and it saves money on your coverage too!

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