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20: The Live Of A Traveling Website Designer With Chels

Digital nomad Chelsea is back on the podcast! In this episode, she shares her digital nomad and entrepreneurship wisdom. Chels has been nomadding for over ten years and three and a half years as a creative entrepreneur. We dive deep into daily practical questions about her life as a remote website designer. She shares how to become a chameleon at work, find the perfect clients, some of her favorite tools, and the skills necessary to become a successful remote entrepreneur. This episode is perfect for creative minds, entrepreneurs and anyone thinking about going remote.

β€œIn my first year of business I didn’t have a single day off because my time management was crap”

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Tips to become successful traveling website designer

What does it really take to become a successful traveling website designer and live your dream lifestyle is what you will learn in this episode. Here are a few tips and quick takeaways you can start doing right away:

1. Learn how to manage your time – this means understanding your workload, taking days off to recharge and constantly being aware of when to push it and relax.

2. Be a good listener – develop the skills to listen and understand your clients’ needs and how your unique skills can help them get there.

3. Be a good communicator – this means that you are professional, likable and know how to interact with your prospects, clients and people you work with joy.

4. Actively find clients –Β finding clients can be challenging and what you need to do is to tell everyone what you are doing and share it across different platforms.

5. Find your tribe – connect with other freelancers across different industries to expand your network and perhaps even find more clients

6. Build an accounting system – you are a creative and not an accountant for a reason. But as a freelancer taking care of your finances is part of the job too. Make sure you create a system for yourself and set aside money for taxes.

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