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Digital Nomad Video Interviews

James bowen – High Performance and Productivity Coach

The nomadic lifestyle comes with a lot of perks. Yet, being surrounded by palm trees and coconuts brings along lots of distractions too. Watch the full talk to learn how you can boost your productivity level as a digital nomad.

Samantha – Brand specialist and founder of FEZ

Samantha owns a legal cannabis accessories company in the US redistributed in Canada. With her partner she has been nomading for a couple of years. Hear about her story and how she manages to find meaningful connections as a digital nomad 

Michael gregory – Founder, Health & fitness coach

A solid morning routine is key when living nomadic. Michaels morning routine has been massive a game changer in his life and he has shared it for you to try it out.

Anna shilina – Virtual Team Implementor, Author and Speaker

Learn about the location independent challenges within managing teams across the globe and how to guard your own agenda whilst working in different time zones.


Adeline Er is a Digital Nomad from Sydney, Australia. She runs an Online Marketing Agency and became a digital nomad over a year ago. Watch the video to get some kick ass advice on how to kick start your digital nomad life.


Kait helps location independent entrepreneurs to create the life they aspire for a living. In this episode she shares some valuable digital nomad life hacks about how to work in different time zones.

John Quigley – founder & digital nomad

John Quigley who is running a content strategy agency focused on crypto & blockchain. In this episode, we will be sharing some digital nomad life hacks about how to scale your business as a freelancer.

Garret – About how to find a online job

Garret is still new to Bali and is about to find out how he wants to design his lifestyle. In this episode we take you on his journey of how to become a digital nomad and when you know it’s the right time to take the leap.

Jordan – About how to create a sustainable nomad lifestyle as a youtuber

Ines Gaston – clinical psychologist

Keeping your mind fresh and focused can be easier said than done. Together with Ines, we will give you tips and tricks on how not to burn out. and keeping your mind fresh and focused.

Dean – Speaker & community leader

Unlike many other nomads, Dean never planned to become a digital nomad. But after living the nomadic lifestyle for years he has become a true globetrotter. Learn from some of his experiences in the talk. 

Bec – Relationship coach

Bec is still new to the nomadic lifestyle and shares her story of becomming location independent. Watch the whole talk to get some valuable insights about the struggles and challenges she has faced along the way.

Amparo Malerba – Graphic designer

Amparo started her journey in the Philippines and is currently traveling with her boyfriend. The nomad lifestyle is a lot of fun but challenging at the same time. Tune in and learn from some of her experiences. 

Marvin – Teaches english online & content creator

Marvin is working on his podcast, The Marvin Chronicles where he interviews travellers about their experiences and journey. Watch the interview to learn from some of his own experiences with the nomadic lifestyle.


Working remote isn’t a new concept for Wade yet he has met some bumps on his journey. Watch the full video to learn a bit about the importance of a solid morning routine and Wade’s experiences with the nomadic lifestyle.