5 Benefits Of Joining A Digital Nomad Travel Group With Craig co-founder of noma collective

19: 5 Benefits Of Joining A Digital Nomad Travel Group With Craig

Ever thought of joining a travel group for digital nomads? In this episode, Craig, the co-founder of Noma-Collective, shares the benefits of nomadding with a community of like-minded traveling professionals. He is a part-time digital nomad and travels with his family. Joining a travel group offers the ideal mix of exploring, community building, the comfort that everything is taken care of, and space to work remotely. It’s also a great way to test the waters if you are thinking of living a digital nomad lifestyle!

β€œI like to say you work during the day and then you vacation on the nights and weekends. The minute your laptop shuts, you are automatically on vacation ”

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Why you want to join a digital nomad travel group

Work during the day and your vacation during the nights and weekends are what make this lifestyle so attractive. We learned on the podcast that while it sounds incredible, this lifestyle also requires a lot of planning. On top of that, every time you arrive in a new spot, you will need to make new friends. We have found the perfect solution for you if you want to experience the perks of this lifestyle but not all the hassle.

The benefits of joining digital nomad groups are endless and we listen to some of the biggest for you below.


Benefit #01 Make long-lasting friendship

Craig shares on the podcast that posting something in a Facebook group as an introvert isn’t really his thing. By joining a travel group, you can avoid the awkward moment of approaching people. You’re also able to instantly make friends and find a great mix of people from 20 to 50s who are working professional n nd have an adventurous spirit.


Benefit #02 Networking opportunity

As other working professionals surround you, these trips are great for networking. New business opportunities, ideas and collaborations often pop up, which is a strong reason for others to join. Digital Nomad Taryn also mentions this in her episode as she wasn’t sure how to do her work remotely and through the travel group, she finds new ways and now runs a successful business.


Benefit #03 Plenty of adventure

Aside from work, you can expect a lot of adventure and this is a huge benefit of digital nomad travel groups. Noma-Collective organized short trips and 1-day excursions and Craig shares that plans also happen organically among guests.


Benefit #04 Everything is arranged for you

Too busy with work and not motivated to arrange your own trip The amazing thing about travel groups is that your accommodation, co-working space and small things like getting a sim card are covered when you arrive. It can literally save you hours and hours of valuable time!


Benefit #05 Smooth transition to the digital nomad lifestyle

The last benefit Craig points out on the podcast is that joining a travel group for digital nomads is a great stepping stone for newby nomads. You get the taste of it and see how it feels without fully committing to a brand new lifestyle with a safety net and other experienced digital nomads. So it’s a great transition from normal life to becoming a digital nomad with confidence.


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