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05: Building a successful online business with The Remote Yogi

The journey of becoming an entrepreneur is very different for each person. Our guest Taryn, also known as The Remote Yogi, shares her rocky beginning as a digital nomad and how she became an entrepreneur. Like many others experience, also her path is not as glamorous as it might seem. Dealing with high levels of anxiety, financial challenges and entrepreneurial challenges. Listen to the episode to learn about her full story.

“A big thing for me was learning how to release shame and the shoulds around being an entrepreneur.”

Starting her journey as a digital nomad

It might not seem this way but not everyone has a smooth ride when shifting lifestyles to become a digital nomad. In this episode, Taryn shares her story about how her path was everything but glamorous. After a rocky divorce, working as an event planner and yoga teacher, she felt desperate to travel the world. While she was anxiously looking for any job that could be done remotely, she saw an advert of Remote Year and signed up. She also found a remote position and started doing sales for an event company. During her first 1.5 years of traveling and working at low-wage income, she built her business and slowly paid off her huge debt on her credit card.

Her life now running multiple online businesses

After Taryn decided to embark on her new lifestyle, she created her blog called The Remote Yogi. At first, she just wanted to keep her family and friends up to date about her adventures and share travel stories. While she was traveling with Remote Year she was surrounded by entrepreneurs and marketing experts. This is where she decided to put more work into her blog and transform it into a business opportunity.

After the first year, she started offering the first online product that would help her to gain a more consistent income. Then she added more products like yoga memberships and more recently coached women around building confidence and anxiety issues. Tyran has been dealing with high anxiety and built routines and ways to coop with them. Today she is sharing her experience and approach to help other women who experience anxiety. While building her business she gained marketing expertise and her next entrepreneurial step was co-founding a marketing agency. After 5 years of hard work, she can now confidentially say that she is finally financially comfortable.

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How do you find the right nomad location for you?

A struggle for many starting nomads is to find a destination. Of course, we read and hear stories about magical nomad places. Rather than just picking a random place Taryn and Nienke Nina speak about how to pick a destination that works for you. Of course, you can also go anywhere but if you are looking for a specific experience you might want to follow the tips below:

Core values – Be aware of what matters most to you. It starts by having clarity around your core values. Because when you do, in your next destination that you travel to, you will know exactly what you need from that place. A tip from Taryn is when you get to a new city, ask yourself, how many of my values am I able to reach here.

Freedom to explore – If nature is something that means a lot to you, you have to be somewhere where you have easy access to it. In your near surroundings, or with available transportation to reach it.

Find community – Even if digital nomads are travelers in heart, we still need to form a connection. Building a community far from home ends up being a necessity for almost everyone.

Start Networking – Being able to meet a diversity of people, people who have the same mindset but different backgrounds can change your experience for the better. It’s having the capacity to network and grow professionally as well as personally.

Make sure that wherever you are traveling, you can incorporate those things that mean so much to you.

We hope these tips are helpful and you can read more tips about how to find accommodation for digital nomads on our website.


Entrepreneurship and anxiety

Two things that stood out to her in her process of becoming an entrepreneur were: releasing shame and facing the truths of entrepreneurship. Finding herself in these two situations helped her to build a healthier relationship with herself as an entrepreneur and succeed in her business.

  • Releasing shame: One of her biggest challenges through this path of entrepreneurship was to learn how to get rid of a nagging feeling of shame and the shoulds. What you should be earning, what your business should have reached, how many hours you should be working.
    It’s ok to struggle and to make mistakes, it’s all a learning experience.


  • Wrong idea of entrepreneurship: Taryn shares with us this idea that exists of building your business, which consists of dropping everything and hoping for the best. That method only works for a small percentage of the population, which does not include her. Being a person that suffers from anxiety, what worked best for her was having a variety of freelance jobs while building her company. Every person’s path is different, there is no right or wrong.
Digital Nomads Daily Podcast about Online Business and remote jobs with taryn the remote yogi article

Setting boundaries and balancing life for digital nomads

With entrepreneurship comes learning how to hold boundaries with your clients and set the times that you are available. This also applies to setting them for yourself too. Taryn shares one of the methods that she has to not break these boundaries, which consists of blocking her email after certain hours, and she is only allowed to check her mails after 25 mins windows.

Quick take aways of this episode

  • Get out of your comfort zone and surround yourself with a different reality than yours
  • Learning how to release shame and shoulds around being an entrepreneur
  • There is no right or wrong in this journey as long as you are making conscious decisions
  • Do daily check-ins with yourself and be aware of your habits and how you are feeling 
  • Learn how to have boundaries with other people and with yourself

About Taryn

Taryn has been nomadding for 5 years. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is also growing an online wellness platform and coaching practice, the Remote Yogi. She focuses on helping women to feel less anxious and more confident. When she’s not working, you can find Taryn hunting down the best coffee anywhere in the world, perfecting her baking skills between dance breaks, and hosting ceremonial circles under a full moon.
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