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29: A Digital Nomad Family Enjoying It Part-Time with Rowena

This week we speak with digital nomad Rowena Hennigan. She is considered one of the world’s experts on remote work and lives the digital nomad lifestyle part-time with her family. Rowena sees remote work as a lifestyle. She is currently talking from Sintra, Portugal, where she is currently staying with a community for digital nomad families called Boundless Life. In this conversation, we talk about the different ways of defining nomadism, how to achieve work-life balance and spending time with your family.

“Remote work is a way of living and it’s a lifestyle. I chose remote work because it gave me the flexibility to live a certain style which means that I don’t work all the time.”

Digitl Nomads Daily Podcast Guest Rowena Hennigan

What is The definition of digital nomads

Rowena’s digital nomad life goes way back even before having a family. Today, about fifteen years later, she is still enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle and created her own unique way of living it. Her first digital nomad moments were in 2008 during a backpacking trip in South East Asia. While some things always stay the same, her digital nomad lifestyle looks very different these days. One of the reasons is that she is not alone anymore. She is a part-time digital nomad with her family and enjoys this lifestyle during long school breaks.

How we define digital nomadism is very different for every person. This episode shows you can successfully live the digital nomad lifestyle with your family. Rowena and her family only do it around 4-5 months a year and in this way, no one is missing out on the important things like school. That is a very different picture compared to what we see on Instagram. She shares that there needs to be more open-minded about the definition of a modern nomad.

How to live a digital nomad family life successfully

As one of the world’s experts on remote work and a professional educator, Rowena knows how to build a sustainable and successful remote career or business. She explains remote work as a way of living. She helps her clients succeed and provides various remote work training services.

But even for an expert, this lifestyle itself doesn’t bring happiness and success. It’s a common conversation with our podcast guests that this lifestyle requires constant self-awareness, self-care and reflection. Rowena shares helpful tips to achieve a successful remote lifestyle and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Boundless life the travel community for digital nomad families

Travel groups for digital nomads are getting more popular. We talked with Craig, the co-founder of Noma-Collective about this in episode 19. Rowena and her family joined Boundless Life in Portugal. It’s a travel community for digital nomad families with a special education program and high-quality services to coordinate accommodations, child care, activities, engagements, keeping her daughter occupied with impactful activities, and so much more.

If you want to learn more about Boundless Life, stay tuned because we have a beautiful episode with the co-founder Marcos Carvalho.

Key takeaways for digital nomads

  • Know your core values in life and connect keywords to them like travel and self-care.
  • Model these values throughout your life so you can live by them daily.
  • Find different ways to commit to your values and make them part of your everyday routines. For example going to the gym, a morning walk or watching the sunset.
  • Set intentions for different moments in the day to help you get into the right mindset.

A final tip Nienke Nina adds to the conversation is to create a recurring task or calendar reminder to capture your wins of the day. Wins are not just about work but can also be related to self-care or your surroundings. Ending the day with a couple of wins helps you maintain a positive mindset and boost your self-love.

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