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30: Distraction-Free Productivity For Digital Nomads With Taylor

We love the digital nomad lifestyle but with so many distractions around us, it’s hard to get yourself into focus mode. Digital nomads aren’t on a never-ending holiday so focus is essential for productivity and a successful lifestyle. In this episode, we chat with digital nomad entrepreneur Taylor. He is the Founder & CEO of Focusmate, a virtual coworking that helps you get things done. His own focus and productivity suffered when he started working remotely and he got laid off. Focusmate came on his path as he was solving his own pain point and today thousands of people in 193 countries worldwide sit side-by-side via video to keep each other company and cheer each other on. If you’re in for some inspiration and encouragement, make sure to tune in!

“ We are social creatures and we almost service of those pats on the back and it’s really hard to get enough of that when you’re too isolated.”

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Remote work productivity challenges

Digital nomad Taylor started working remotely because he had a horrible commute. It seemed that this was the ideal solution for his problem but it opened up another unexpected challenge – focus.

After he started working from home, his productivity went down because he had difficulty staying focused. This resulted in a lot of procrastination and eventually became unsuccessful at this job. Unfortunately, he experienced the truth in a harsh lesson as he got laid off. We can learn from Taylor’s story is that working remotely isn’t an ingredient for success of a happier life. It requires hard work and a lot of self-awareness.

After he got laid off he also lost his motivation to find another job. He started learning more about the mind and self-development and continued his career in executive coaching. Focus on productivity where active topic of interest and he began to look at these things from the nervous system. Taylor was not the only one that struggled with focus and procrastination, and he helped a friend who Taylor identified as a high-performance. He pitches his idea to start a community to help others focus and this is how Focusmate was born. It’s been a success and Focusmate has thousands of members from 193 countries.

Becoming a productive digital nomad with Focusmate

Community is an essential part of the digital nomad lifestyle and Taylor created a community around focus and stopping procrastinating. It’s for individuals and teams and is pretty easy to start. On the platform, you select your accountability partner and if you enjoyed the session you could favorite your focus buddy. Next, you set up a 30-60 min call and share what you will work on with each other. During the session, you will keep your sound muted so you don’t distract each other, but you can communicate in the chat.

You get back on the video at the end of the session and can talk about how your session went. If you both liked it, you could book another session so you can focus and get your work done together with someone.

What we love about Taylor’s story is that he started his business because he faced this challenge to the point that he lost his job. It was hard for him to concentrate and he could not calm down enough to be intentional with his time. We see in the community that many remote workers find it hard to focus and get even harder with adventurous distractions like travel and sunny weather.

Taylor shares that the cultural foundation of Focusmate is safety. He overcame the shame he felt and his depression. When he got the idea to start Focusmate his friend supported him and it’s incredible to see what Taylor has accomplished so far.

If you would like to get a taste of Focusmate go to and use the code NOMAD22 to get a free month of Focusmate Turbo.

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