Understanding Digital Nomad Visas In 2022 With Tim

40: Understanding Digital Nomad Visas In 2022 With Tim

Why are there so many remote citizens and digital nomads but is living this lifestyle still so challenging? In this episode, we talk about what it takes to live this lifestyle for the long run with slowmad Tim. He started his journey in Scotland and co-founded a company called Citizen Remote. One of the biggest challenges is staying in a country for longer. Even though we see digital nomad visas in 2022 popping up like mushrooms, it’s not as great as it seems. He and his team are helping digital nomads from all over the world with visa-related questions and focusing on easing the process of visa applications. In this episode, we discuss the future of digital nomad visas and brainstorm the ideal digital nomad visa.

‘‘I definitely prefer slowmadding. It gives you a chance to really understand a bit more cultures, people, how systems operate, the ins and outs, the hidden gems of places like you would do in your own hometown.”

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Slomadding while building Citizen Remote

At Digital Nomads Daily, we love connecting with digital nomad-friendly companies. One of the most annoying challenges we face as digital nomads are digital nomad visas. Anything related to visas is either very frustrating all the way to extremely painful, mostly depending on your passport. Some people need piles of paperwork and go through very stressful moments just to get a visa. You may think, why even bother if you can just enter the country with a tourist visa? And what does it mean to have a digital nomad visa in 2022?

Well, like Tim and Nienke Nina, some digital nomads prefer to travel slow and those nomads are often called slomads. It basically means that instead of hopping countries at a fast pace, you stick around for a couple of months. Some of the benefits of slomadding are:


  • Get to enjoy the country and culture better
  • Waste less time on travel arrangements
  • Higher productivity
  • Create more meaningful connections
  • Opportunity to better rental prices
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The problem with digital nomad visas

Slomadding isn’t always easy though because of the visa options. The digital nomad visa seems like a great option but as countries are developing and announcing their new visas for digital nomads, we don’t see a clear and positive change. Why is this?

For starters, the digital nomad visa is a very brought term and it depends on the country offering the visa. Secondly, a digital nomad visa isn’t for everyone as there are specific requirements not everyone can meet. Thirdly we see a lack of transparency and practical information that is trustworthy and easily accessible. So the complexity varies from country to country.

Digital nomad visas are also very popular and these days, pretty clickbait. While some websites claim that there are over 60 digital nomad visas, the reality is very different. This leads to confusion and frustration in the digital nomad community. So why is this number so high?

  • Some of these visas are announced but haven’t been developed so the digital nomad visa doesn’t exist yet.
  • The requirements don’t seem to be very digital nomad friendly. For example, having a rental contract, monthly income above 2.5K, or other paperwork hard to access
  • Official recourses aren’t correctly updated and people aren’t informed so getting the right information is challenging and frustrating.

So in essence, the digital nomad visa still has a long way to go but luckily the space is moving and governments are responding in some way.

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How Citizen Remote helps our community with the digital nomad visas

Okay, so the digital nomad visa in 2022 isn’t always the best solution but luckily there is light at the end of the tunnel. At Digital Nomads Daily, we team up with companies with the most accurate information so keep an eye out for our content. Tim and his team at Citizen Remote alleviate all the planning that goes behind going to a new destination. They help digital nomads with their visa-related questions and provide helpful recourses for digital nomads. Citizen Remote also works with governments to build competitive digital nomad visas and intelligent digital nomad visas that aren’t set up backward or confusing.

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