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Why is Panama a great country for digital nomads?

Panama, like many other countries, was deeply affected by Covid-19, with a severe drop in tourism. After the pandemic, the number of people working from home or that became digital nomads increased rapidly. The government thought the solution would be offering the Digital Nomad Visa Panama. In 2021, they officially announced the new visa called Short Stay Visa for Remote Workers.

Panama is still somewhat untraveled as a digital nomad destination. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the potential to be one of the best nomad hubs. It’s still a small country, but it’s located in the heart of North and South America, well connected to both continents. This has provoked a real fusion of culturesβ€”from metropolitan cities to jungles and beautiful beaches. Panama also has a low cost of living and is one of the most advanced economies in Central America, being the center of commerce, communications, and culture.

What are the visa requirements?

βœ… Visa length: 9 months with an option to renew 9 more months 

βœ… Have a valid working contract with a foreign company or show that you are an independent freelancer doing remote work.

βœ… Proof of annual income over $36000. This is done by providing bank certification and authenticated bank statements to prove sufficient income and funding.

βœ… Valid medical insurance with coverage for Panama.

βœ… A clean criminal record.

πŸ”— Link to the official government site

Keep in mind that digital nomad visas are constantly changing and being updated by each country’s government. Always check the official website for new requirements and information. Follow us on Instagram @digitalnomadsdaily and tune in every Wednesday for a new episode on Spotify on The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast

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