Digital Nomad Introverts Never Need To Be Lonely With Marcel

Digital Nomad Introverts Never Need To Be Lonely With Marcel

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26: Digital Nomad Introverts Never Need To Be Lonely With Marcel

Wondering how traveling introverts make meaningful connections all around the globe? Marcel started his digital nomad lifestyle in 2016 and fully transitioned into a full-time digital nomad in 2019. He identifies himself as an introvert and shares his story about how he built a global community for himself. This episode talks about his biggest learnings in overcoming typical digital nomad challenges such as loneliness. We also dive into hacks on how to create new friendships and overcome shyness. So if you want to make meaningful connections with like-minded people this episode is for you!

“If you’re an introvert, don’t try to become an extrovert”

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Shifting careers – from running a IT company to keynote speaker

Marcel is the founder of, which is a job search website in the United States. Even though remote work is a hot topic right now, his website isn’t focused on remote jobs. After running his business for a while Marcel didn’t feel fulfilled anymore. He wasn’t sure about his next steps and he was actively trying to figure out what sparks him joy.

This was a new array for Marcel and he tried different things to see what made him tick and what things weren’t his gem. His approach worked really well and he learned that hosting a talk was one of the things that made him spark. This wasn’t an overnight process though, and he shares that giving himself the time to discover different things was essential.

One of the experiences he loved doing was hosting a talk. So he brainstormed how to turn this into a new career path and decided to become a keynote speaker. While his first talk was about bootstrapping a business, this isn’t the topic Marcel is interested in sharing as a keynote speaker.

Episode takeaways

Community building is an important element of the digital nomad lifestyle and we often talk about this on The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast. But how do digital nomad introverts network and make meaningful connections? This question is close to Marcel’s heart as he identifies himself as an introvert. To him, this basically means he needs more alone time and if he spends too much time hanging out with others he gets drained. So his way of recharging is simple being on his own, probably more often than extroverts.

Today marcel has friends all over the world but creating his community wasn’t always easy. With trial and error, he found his way of community building without crossing her personal boundaries. Here are 8 things that helped Marcel feel more confident networking as an introvert:


  • Focus on building a network of like-minded people that can become your long-term friends.
  • Use social media to share your location and ask for recommendations.
  • Visit Facebook Groups and explore Meetups to find events.
  • Book experiences like Airbnb Experiences, EatWith or GetYourGuide
  • Check out hostels in the evenings and join events.
  • Ask around if there is a WhatsApp group to stay tuned for new gatherings.
  • Make interactions fun so it’s more likely others will invite you for more experiences like road trips, hiking or diving etc.
  • Organize activities yourself and invite others via Facebook Groups.
Live Workshop About Optimizing Your Brain to increase performance for digital nomads and entrepreneurs with Angela Shurina

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Live Workshop About Optimizing Your Brain to increase performance for digital nomads and entrepreneurs with Angela Shurina

Join the Free workshop with Angela

We love this topic and there is a lot more to learn. So we invited Angela to host a workshop for the DND Club to share more daily hacks. Join the workshop on August 15 at 9:00 – 10:00 EST. Register for her workshop Have A Powerful Morning Every Day here

In this workshop, she will share how to create a morning routine to feel motivated and focused daily. Using neuroscience-based hacks and tools, you will learn how to supercharge your brain and feel like it’s your best day ever on-demand. This is helpful for those who wake up and do not feel like it.

Why we wanted to write the best book for digital nomads

Why we wanted to write the best book for digital nomads

Why we wanted to write the best book for digital nomads

Photo of Digital Nomads With Confidence the book by digital nomads daily on how to become a successful digital nomad

One of the most exciting things we do at Digital Nomads Daily is to reveal real stories about the digital nomad lifestyle. Every Wednesday, Nienke Nina interviews digital nomads and entrepreneurs to talk about the not-so-sexy stuff of this lifestyle and share helpful tips. What is great about the podcast is that you can tune in anytime and read the biggest takeaways in the show notes. Sometimes though, it’s easier to have all questions answered in one place. This is how the idea of creating the best book for digital nomads came together. In this article, you’ll read why we created our book Digital Nomads With Confidence and its contents.

Why the digital nomad lifestyle is so challenging

We named our book Digital Nomads With Confidence because we want everyone to feel confident in this lifestyle. So our goal was to write the best book for digital nomads by gaining this much confidence consistently doesn’t come naturally for many people. While the travel and work remote lifestyle offers plenty of adventures and learning opportunities, it also comes with many challenges.

The majority of these challenges are daily struggles from simple things like how to find your next home to make meaningful connections. There are also bigger challenges that have a direct impact on your success and the biggest of all is achieving financial stability. Typically digital nomads do not face these challenges one by one but all at the same time. Navigating through so many daily questions is what makes this lifestyle overwhelming and puts a dent in your confidence.

Our mission at digital nomads daily is to help people live this lifestyle with confidence and this is why our book title is Digital Nomads With Confidence! 101 Answers To Overcome Daily Challenges And Become A Successful Digital Nomad. We believe that this is now the best book for digital nomads because it covers various topics and different perspectives.

This is the best book for digital nomads because it’s a collaboration and collection of solutions

The introduction of this article shows one part of how this book came together but there is more to the story. In 2019 when Nienke Nina interviewed digital nomads she created the website. Back then, it was a project with a website and small activities. Today Digital Nomads Daily is the online platform for digital nomads and remote workers who want to learn about this lifestyle and share their personal experiences.  

Two strengths of Digital Nomads Daily have always been collaboration and community. It was during one of the podcast interviews that Nienke Nina got the idea to create a book to make it easier for digital nomads to find answers to daily questions. We wanted to create something tangible that could be the companion to travel and work remotely from anywhere. Perhaps the best book for digital nomads?

The goal of this book is to offer different solutions and perspectives on how someone can build a successful remote lifestyle using both strength collaboration and community. Together with the Digital Nomads Daily Community, we selected 101 questions to answer. While we love podcasting, the book is an engaging and informative way of learning. We found this important especially if there are specific topics you want to learn more about or need help with. 

Another important part of why Nienke Nina wanted to create the best book for digital nomads was the lack of honesty and realness found on social media. It;s a fact that this lifestyle often gets glamorized on social media. Many nomads, like Anne and Elle, shared this on the podcast and why it’s important that we shine an honest light on what this lifestyle is really about and how people are becoming successful. As a digital nomad herself, Nienke Nina experienced this by firsthand and the motivation to create a practical book with tips and stories was a personal dream.

Digital Nomads With Confidence offers the perspective you need to become a successful digital nomad

What you will find in this book are simple daily questions people commonly ask or wor practical questions about this lifestyle gathered in one place. Digital Nomads With Confidence is not intended to be a guide or checklist that tells you how to become a digital nomad. We learned that a big part of success is you doing the work so we can only showcase what has worked for others so you can do it too. Question #101 does show a 5 step decision-making plan that you can apply to any transformation, like becoming a digital nomad.

What you will find inside the newest book for digital nomads

This book is a collection of experiences and important life lessons by our digital nomad podcast guest and it includes some of Nienke Nina’s personal stories. As you will discover in the book, it shows how to deal with nomad uncertainties and build the lifestyle you desire. It offers you the practical advantage of designing a lifestyle with confidence that is catered to your needs. So avoid the nagging and overwhelming feeling of nomadding by diving right into the following chapters:

😎 Chapter #1 Understanding Common Fears and Overcoming Anxiety

😎 Chapter #2 Remote Work & Online Entrepreneurship

😎 Chapter #3 A Thriving Community Where The Magic Happens

😎 Chapter #4 Creating Routines To Become Your Best Self

😎 Chapter #5 Finding The Perfect Digital Nomad Home

😎 Chapter #6 Setting Up Your Ideal Remote Office

😎 Chapter #7 Packing Like A Pro

😎 Chapter #8 Dating, Love & Digital Nomad Couples

😎 Chapter #9 Master How To Manage Your Money

😎 Chapter #10 Choosing Your Next Location

😎 Chapter #11 Digital Nomad Visas & Travel Document

😎 Chapter #12 Giving Back To Local Communities

😎 Chapter #13 What’s Next?

Get a copy of Digital Nomads With Confidence!

Are you excited to read the newest best book for digital nomads? We will leave it up to you if this is the best for digital nomads and we would love for you to give it a read. Grab your copy on Amazon!

book Digital Nomads With Confidence for digital nomads, remote workers, digital nomad freelancers and online entrepreneurs by Digital Nomads Daily
How To Optimize Your Brain To Increase Performance With Angela

How To Optimize Your Brain To Increase Performance With Angela

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25:How To Optimize Your Brain To Increase Performance with Angela

Digital nomads face many small uncertainties and must always make decisions. Think about where to go next, from finding your home to creating a new workspace. With so many changes this lifestyle can be challenging. Still, there are ways to decrease the feeling of being overwhelmed. Hence, you get to live the digital nomad lifestyle with more confidence. In this episode, digital nomad and brain performance coach, Angela, shares how digital nomads and entrepreneurs can improve their brains and feel their best selves every day. She shares simple brain hacks from routines to nutrition that are super beneficial for those who travel and work from anywhere.

“What happens in the mind affects the body”

Featured image of digital nomads daily podcast episode The Power Of Open-Mindedness In The Digital Nomad Lifestyle With Elle

Achieve your goals faster with optimizing your brain

Angela started her digital nomad journey about 11 years ago and is currently nomadding from Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. Since she was a kid she loved reading self-development books and this is where her journey started. Angela became a certified personal trainer and also got certified as a health coach and nutritionist.

She is a Brain Performance Coach and helps people to achieve their goals faster by optimizing how the brain functions. She also helps her clients create routines, set goals, and informs them about nutrition hacks for the brain and body. The majority of Angela’s clients come to her because of the lack of energy and motivation her clients feel. She gives tools, practices, routines, exercises, and techniques and guides them to overcome this and feel energized again.

Her ultimate goal is to give them the tools to deliver their best whenever needed.

Episode takeaways

In this episode, Angela shares simple brain hacks every digital nomad can implement. A couple of quick takeaways from this episode:

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people who understand you and share similar values
  • Exercise, whether it’s at home or joining a gym but make sure you move your body as it increases your serotonin levels.
  • If you are looking for specific things like foods or places that matter to you, make sure to ask this in an existing community, like a local digital nomad Facebook Group.
  • Measure your progress but be conscious about how you compare yourself with others. Everyone has their own progress and journey and if you are moving forward, that’s all that matters.
  • Think about what you eat and drink in a day and consider making small changes. There are lots of nutrition hacks that can help make you feel more energized and confident.
Live Workshop About Optimizing Your Brain to increase performance for digital nomads and entrepreneurs with Angela Shurina

Join the Free workshop with Angela

We love this topic and there is a lot more to learn. So we invited Angela to host a workshop for the DND Club to share more daily hacks. Join the workshop on August 15 at 9:00 – 10:00 EST. Register for her workshop Have A Powerful Morning Every Day here

In this workshop, she will share how to create a morning routine to feel motivated and focused daily. Using neuroscience-based hacks and tools, you will learn how to supercharge your brain and feel like it’s your best day ever on-demand. This is helpful for those who wake up and do not feel like it.

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11 Productivity Tips for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

11 Productivity Tips for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

11 Productivity Tips for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

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The Importance of Using Time Wisely

In the digital nomad world, productivity and time management are two key components of a successful lifestyle. When you are always on the go and spending your time on your screen, you need to maximize your opportunities and exposure. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to be productive every day. It is okay to take a break – not doing anything is part of being productive too. If you don’t have pauses between your work, it may end up harming your results and health. Just ensure to keep going forward as small steps still matter. In this article, we suggest some time management methods and productivity tips for digital nomads and remote workers.

Time Management Methods

Managing your time wisely is important for digital nomads because the better you get at it, the more freedom you will have to do other things. So the first 3 productivity tips for digital nomads talk about time management. There are hundreds of studies about time management and increasing focus and productivity. We collect a couple of time management methods for digital nomads.

1. Time blocking

When juggling multiple responsibilities, your focus easily gets spread out too thin. You may get bombarded with meetings or struggle to find time and mental space for retrospect thinking.  Time blocking is a time management method that divides your day into periods of time. Each block is designated to achieve a task. At the end of a workday, review any incomplete and new tasks to adjust your time blocks for the rest of the week accordingly. It helps you accomplish urgent daily tasks – e.g. paperwork, responding to emails and phone calls and it pushes you to recognize how you spend your time.

2. The Most Important Task Method (MIT)

Overwhelm is a common problem for freelancers and entrepreneurs. There are so many things you need to do but your time is limited. Using the MIT method, you will focus on what is essential by prioritizing 1-3 tasks at the top of your to-do list. By completing your most important tasks every day, productivity will become a habit. For this to work, you will need to organize your work and have a plan in place so it requires some project management and organizational skills.

3. The Pomodoro Technique

This is a popular productivity hack for digital nomads. By breaking down a large task into manageable intervals, you create uninterrupted periods of focus. These moments are short, like 25 minutes, and basically fast bursts of work with breaks in between. During those 5-min breaks, you will move your body, drink a big glass of water or at least leave your chair. , then a break After every four Pomodoro cycles you will take a longer break to disconnect so you have fresh eyes on your next task.

Productivity Tips

Aside from the 3 time management tips, there are also productivity tips for digital nomads that are an absolute game changer. We talk more about this in the chapter for our book Digital Nomads With Confidence. We collected some of the best productivity tips for you below so you can have more freedom to explore the world.

The Power of Planning with Digital Nomads Anastasia & Tomer

4. Start your day with a morning routine

Wake up early and go through your morning routine as if you were commuting to the office. This will signal you to view your home environment as a workspace.

5. Embrace the outside and take your breaks there

The perks of a digital nomad lifestyle are that you can go outside and enjoy nature. Getting a taste of fresh air and hearing the chirping birds may help you recharge. Outdoor breaks can also help you reduce stress and this is a very important productivity tip for digital nomads. 

6. Make the most out of online classes.

Participate in online training for professional development. You can find some for free on the web, or your company might offer some courses. These will help you develop new skills and advance your career.

7. Keep your work organized

Avoid cluttering as this can halt your work progress and overwhelm your workspace. Use storage apps and project management tools such as Asana to sort out important files and projects.

8. Prioritize your wellness 

It is important to be physically active throughout the day, especially when you are constantly stagnant and staring at the screen. Ensure you are also getting sufficient sleep and doing your self-care activities. Being healthy can impact your work results and increase productivity. 

9. Communicate effectively

Stay connected with your colleagues, friends, and families with the internet. Set aside some time at least once per week to communicate with them. When you are not working in person, it is imperative to express yourself clearly each day as there is no face-to-face interaction.

10. Designate a comfortable workspace

One of the most challenging productivity tips for digital nomads is to choose a workspace where you can minimize your distractions and conduct your tasks by not intervening with everyone else’s activities. Having a stress-free environment will allow you to deliver your best work performance.

11. Travel slow and stay longer in digital nomad locations

It will become increasingly challenging to reach a high level of productivity if you are constantly on the move. There are a lot of factors also to consider when you travel such as living costs, transport, places to visit, and more. Traveling slowly means you can allocate time to explore and enjoy different places while having enough time for work. Don’t lose your rhythm and routine especially when you’re trying to achieve productivity. 

Learn to Cut Yourself Some Slack

People often think that productivity means you have to constantly keep working. This is false. You need to give yourself some breaks to recharge and refresh. Digital nomad Micaela shares on the podcast the importance of this as an entrepreneur living the digital nomad lifestyle. So the best and final ​​productivity tip for digital nomads is not to be afraid to incorporate a small workout into your routine and to explore the outdoors – these will all boost your overall wellness, work performance, and motivation. If you want to learn more about this make sure to get a copy of Digital Nomads With Confidence and keep an eye out on The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast

4 benefits of joining a co-working space

4 benefits of joining a co-working space

4 benefits of joining a co-working space


Co-working spaces are the answer if you are looking for an alternative work spot and need to get away from home. Co-working spaces have revolutionized and there are more than 18,700 co-working spaces around the world. In 2025 that number is expected to grow up to 26,000.

There are many benefits of joining a co-working space. It provides remote workers, digital nomads, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and also freelancers a place to work, feel part of a community, and network at the same time. In this article, you will find why it would benefit you to join, what to look for in a co-working space, and five things to keep in mind choosing your next work spot.

The benefits of joining a co-working space

Joining a co-working space opens new doors to endless opportunities. There are many ways you can benefit from signing up! But we have collected the four top benefits for digital nomads:

Opportunities to grow your network.

This is probably one of the most important benefits of joining a co-working space, as you can connect with other professionals from all types of industries. It allows getting your name out in the open and connecting with potential clients.

On The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast, Kenny shares that he met like-minded people, creative people, and even his business partner in a co-working space in Bali. A co-working space is a must-have membership for many digital nomads. Listen to the full episode with Kenny here

Increase your productivity.

Working from home or a cafe isn’t always “meant to be” and can create situations where you are easily distracted. A co-working space can solve that issue the moment you’re entering the space as there is an energy of “work mode” on. So with fewer distractions, you can focus and get more work done.


While the price of co-working subscriptions varies, it’s a smart investment for yourself and your business. Often, these subscriptions are flexible and you can pick something that meets your needs. It gets even more affordable when using Crossaint App. Instead of committing to one co-working space, you can visit all co-working spaces listed on the app with one simple subscription.

Digital Nomad Kristina doing remote work

Sense of community

Sometimes working from home all day and having no one to interact with can make you feel lonely. Digital nomads, freelancers, and small business owners often face this and by joining a co-working space, you can easily solve this. Digital nomad Pat who’s an ex-employee of Selina and WeWork, also shares how incredible the community element is of co-working space on The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast in episode #16 The Future Of Digital Nomads With Pat

What to look for in a co-working space

With rising numbers of freelancers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs, more co-working spaces are also popping up. With so many great co-working options available, it can be confusing to know what’s better for you or where even to start looking. Aside from the benefits of joining a co-working space, we want to share some things to keep in mind before joining one:

  • Location. Planning to go almost every day? Find something close to your area that has easy access by public transport or parking options. Nowadays, co-working spaces are the ideal spot, especially for digital nomads.
  • Amenities. Each co-working space has different amenities and some of these come with additional costs, like a phone booth. Make sure to research this beforehand so you know what to expect.
  • Facilities. Perhaps you’re interested in having a communal kitchen s you can bring your own meals or want to have different types of seats. Think about what you need and then find a space that can accommodate that.
  • Cost. Like we said before, it’s a wise investment but it comes with a price. So first, consider what membership works for you or use the Crossaint App for plenty of options.  

5 essential etiquette tips for Co-working spaces

When using a co-working space, you must remember that it’s a communal space where others are working too. Here are some tips to make your stay the best possible and ensure you respect everyone around you.

  1. Don’t be noisy. Each co-working space is different. Some have communal spaces to have meetings, silence booths, and areas to chill and relax. Make sure you realize how other people are using these spaces and not to bother anyone. People, for the most part, are there to work, and they won’t appreciate people making unnecessary noise.
  2. Clean after yourself and the area you have used. After you leave, more people will use that spot. So, clean after yourself and don’t leave any rubbish or cups around. 
  3. Be organized. Try not to occupy other people’s spaces when you work at a long table or shared desk. 
  4. If you need anything, ask. It’s expected that when you get there, there are things you don’t know. They will be happy to help you and guide you through the space and all the facilities and amenities that the place has. 
  5. Experiment with the space. Most co-working spaces have many different areas with different “vibes.” Try them out, move to other spots, see what works best for you, and you get the chance to meet with more people.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Keep in mind that any type of membership is not forever and you will have to discover what works for you best. It’s good to try new things, visit different places and meet new people. Actively connect with others and join the events so it’s easier to get to know the people you share your office with. We collected 33 ice breaker questions to start a conversation with digital nomads, read more here.