Travel South America And Work Remote With The New Digital Nomad Visa of Brazil

Digital Nomad Visas are hot and happening! More countries are offering remote work visas. Recently we received the news about a new visa on the horizon – the Digital Nomad Visa of Brazil

After visas for digital nomads were released in Central America, in Mexico and Costa Rica, Brazil is the first country in South America who introduced a special visa for digital nomads. As of 24 February 2022, it is official, the Brazilian government will be allowing temporary people to enter their country and stay longer with a remote work visa.

Like every other country, Brazil has also suffered economic damages caused by Coronavirus. Considering the size of the country and the poverty the country is facing, the Brazilian government has modified immigration rules granting temporary visas to digital nomads. Attracting citizens with well-paid jobs from other countries, this visa for digital nomads could help boost and contribute to the country’s economy. It’s a strategy that has become popular and more countries offering remote work visas is growing.

What you need to know about the Digital Nomad Visa of Brazil

Information of visa

This visa allows foreign citizens who are employed by an outside company, to be domiciled in Brazil and work remotely, without the need of local employer sponsorship.

Length of visa

The visa for digital nomads is granted for one year. However, it can be extended for one additional year if the applicant keeps on with the criteria imposed. Which of course includes an impeccable criminal record. If you are staying longer than 6 months in Brazil you might need to enquire about a criminal record in Brazil as well. This is done at the police station (Police Federal)

Required income for the remote work visa: Applicants must have a minimum monthly income of USD 1,500 or an available bank balance of USD 18,000 when applying for the visa. This income must be proven to come from an international organization or overseas employer, through employment or similar documentation.

Other visa requirements for digital nomads 

  • Applicants must have private medical insurance valid in Brazil. 
  • They also must submit a clear criminal record from their country of origin translated either to Portuguese or English. 

Where to get the nomad visa of Brazil:

This visa for digital nomads can be obtained once in Brazil or through a consular process. The approximate time for the visa to be processed is more or less four weeks

Remote work visa costs:

Many countries offering remote work visas are still figuring out what the best way to approach this is since it’s fairly new. This is why the costs of Digital Nomad Visa of Brazi land fees are not clear yet. Soon these costs will be announced as the Brazilian government is creating so to speak package deals for couples and families.

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