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The life of a travel couple

We have dreamed about taking a year off to explore the world together for a very long time. While we waited for an opportunity to start our trip, we came across the digital nomad community. Orr was hooked right away and step-by-step our dream trip around the world became a testing ground for the digital nomad lifestyle. We could never imagine it would go so well.

We fell in love with the freedom the digital nomad lifestyle offers us. Of course, discovering new places and having more free time to do what we want and choosing our own priorities every day.

We love this lifestyle, but we also know it is not all sunshine and rainbows. Starting your digital nomad journey can be intimidating, and figuring out how this lifestyle can work for you takes time. Especially when you are a digital nomad couple, we have to consider our individual needs and our couple needs. And we would love to help you with that.

Travel Tips for Digital Nomad Couples

Finding the right home for digital nomad couples

Finding the right home for digital nomad couples

Finding the right home for digital nomad couples Digital nomads are no strangers to the neverending search for a perfect temporary home. For the mid-tempo nomads, we pack ourselves up every month or three, change location, and search for a new accommodation we can call home begins. But...

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