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How to thrive in your digital nomad relationship with Anat & Orr

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Learn from digital nomad couple Anat & Orr:

🔥 How to spend 24/7 together and have quality time together

🔥 How the relationship changes after becoming digital nomads.

🔥 How to create community and make meaningful connections.

🔥 How to find me-time and activities you can do on your own.

🔥🔥🔥 And so much more must-know digital nomad lifestyle tips for (aspiring) digital nomads!

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“You need to put yourself in social situations that will allow you to find connections.”

Digital Nomad couple Anat & or digital nomads daily podcast episode about nomad stories

An episode about Digital Nomads Couples

Anat and Orr are high school sweethearts and started their digital nomad journey in April 2021. Before they took the leap together, they had put a lot of thought into how they wanted to live their digital nomad lifestyle. Even though they have been together for a long time, knowing each other really well and understanding all their personal and professional needs, it wasn’t always a smooth ride.

24/7 together, me-time and quality time

It’s common for digital nomad couples to spend many hours in the same space. You can easily avoid this by working from a coworking space or cafe but since the restrictions, this isn’t always an option. Of course, it depends where you are in the world. When you’re 24/7 together it’s important to get a moment for yourself, also known as me-time. For Anat, me-time could be as simple as hopping on her yoga mat. Orr on the other hand likes to play the guitar. They also share that if they really need a moment for themselves, a walk in nature or running errands works.

Relationship changes after the nomadic change

Before Anat & Orr left Israel they have put a lot of effort into what a good nomadic lifestyle entails for them. One of these efforts was listing down their personal desires, dreams, and what they both need to feel happy and satisfied. This created a strong foundation for their new lifestyle. Of course, Anat & Orr experienced struggles but by communicating and being transparent it hasn’t impacted their relationship in a negative way.


Creating community and making meaningful connections

As a single traveler it’s probably easier to find community. Not only Anat & Orr agree with this but also Podcast host Nienke Nina experienced this. A piece of advice Anat & Orr give is to take initiative and put yourself out there. You can find Facebook Groups for expats, digital nomads or find community in a co-working space. Another great place to find fellow nomads is hostels. Anat shares that even though they can afford a hotel room, they sometimes choose to stay at a hostel because it’s easier to find community.


Quick take aways from the digital nomad couple

Ask yourself what makes you happy as an individual and as a couple. Collect this in a list and use this as a checklist to see if you’re still living up to your expectations.

Be conscious of how you spend time together. There are different ways of being togehter, you can have individual time but still be in the same space. You can be mentally and physically together, or just be in the same space but focus on your own thing.

Take initiative! As a couple, you are a unit and this makes meeting other people harder than if you are a single digital nomad. Use Facebook groups, co-working spaces, or stay at hostels even when you’re a couple. You can take turns so the burden isn’t always on you.

Find common hobbies and skills you want to learn. That’s a great way of quality time instead of just watching Netflix.

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