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Life advice and unfiltered stories from experienced digital nomads who share how to live the digital nomad lifestyle and working remotely successfully.

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60: The Benefits Of A Remote Job In A Remote-First Company With Vincent

What are the benefits of working remotely? And what are the typical challenges of the first 6 months of living the digital nomad lifestyle? In this episode, we talk about how digital nomad vincent found his remote job. He is a newbie nomad and loves this lifestyle but also faces some of the typical challenges of the digital nomad lifestyle all digital nomads go through. Some of these hurdles are easy to overcome and he shares how. Vincent also goes deeper into how he tries to solve the larger challenges. It’s an open conversation about the digital nomad lifestyle with a lot of mindset and practical tips for all digital nomads regardless of how long you have been nomadding. So get ready for a deep dive and nomadic reality check with Vincent!

59: How To Feel At Home In Your Next Digital Nomad House With Julie

What do digital nomads typically pack? And how can you work from anywhere and live out of your suitcase? Julie started her digital nomad lifestyle 2 years ago and loved it so much that she decided to 100% live location independently without a home base. In this episode, she has a full-time remote job as a software developer and shares how she convinced her employer to let her do her job remotely. We also dive into some practical tips on how she finds her next location and digital nomad-proof home. Get ready for an insightful episode with handy tips all digital nomads should hear and enjoy our chat!

58: Generating Passive Income To Create Your Travel Lifestyle with Dain

What are the solo travel and digital nomad experience like for a guy? And how do you plan your digital nomad lifestyle and build multiple income streams? We are answering those questions with slowmad Dain from the UK. He currently lives in Australia and trades his normal lifestyle for a travel life where he works online. It’s his own way of living and slowly transitioning while building multiple passive income streams. Dain also talks about the differences between male and female solo travelers and shares typical misconceptions he experienced himself. Tune in for an exciting episode with travel learnings and new ideas!

57: 5 Tips To Live A More Intentional And Balanced Life with Kaisa

What do you tell yourself everyday? And can you nurture your well-being as a digital nomad? We interviewed Kaisa who has been nomadding for over 3 years. She is currently slowmadding and passionate about living life with more intention and finding balance. In this episode we talk about simple tips and practices you can implement today. Many digital nomads use small routines to nurturing themselves and we are so happy that Kaisa is sharing practical and life-chaning tips in this episode. Get ready for a calming and beautiful episode and live your digital nomad lifestyle with more intention!

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