“The most important thing I learned, and I learned this the hard way, is that I am not my job. I shouldn’t take things too personally.”

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35: Building A Successful Creative Freelance Career With Suzanne

Suzanne is a creative entrepreneur who has traveled the world for five years. Today she’s talking with us from her home country the Netherlands about how she successfully built her freelance career as a creative. Suzanne has seen many difficulties in this process, but she overcame these challenges and shares helpful tips for digital nomads and creative freelancers. We cover behind-the-scenes insights about Suzanne’s freelancing journey like how to find clients, tips for networking as a nomad and tips to get the most out of co-working spaces. Tune in for an episode full of tips and inspiration for digital nomads.
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Starting her freelance career as a creative

Suzanne didn’t start her journey as a digital nomad. In fact, she only found out while she was doing it that she was actually living the digital nomad lifestyle. During her first years of traveling, she worked in exchange for food and accommodations. It’s a popular way for low-budget traveling. Over time she offered her creative services through freelancing. While many people believe in finding a niche, Suzanne enjoys doing more than one thing like entrepreneurs and podcast guests Chels and Micaela. So Suzanne mostly does concept development for boutique hotels and restaurants and offers various creative services like photography, branding and design. She loves both, so she decided to combine her passions, giving her creative and financial freedom.
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How to find clients as a creative freelancer?

Just like any freelancers and business owners, you need to find clients. Suzanne has different marketing strategies but also shares that this isn’t always easy. One of the challenges she is facing is wearing many hats so she doesn’t always find the time to work on promoting her services. To tackle this Suzanne plans and creates content for a month and this is how she’s been able to market herself.

Another challenge he faces as a creative freelancer is coping with client feedback. Especially at the start of her journey, she would take feedback very personally and of course, this would affect her well-being. Over time she started to understand that it’s never about her but just feedback about the work. So Suzanne was able to distance herself emotionally from the feedback, treat her as clients’ needs, and adapt her designs according to their values without feeling offended or upset. This is an important lesson for anyone who is doing creative work.

“Know what they want. Know which direction you want to go and it’s never the same.”

Suzanne identifies herself as an introvert like Marcel, who also joined the Digital Nomads Daily Podcast. Both Suzanne and Marcel share on the podcast that this lifestyle taught her how to network better. Here are 3 things that helped her feel more confident:

  • Join co-working spaces because it’s easy to meet other people
  • Go to networking events and set small goals for yourself. For example, talk with 3 people about my work.
  • Schedule social/networking nights in your calendar and stick to it. It may feel uncomfortable but if you stick to it soon, it will feel more natural.
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A healthy balance of working online and traveling

Talking about co-working spaces – Suzanne shares why she loves working in co-working spaces. The first to know about co-working spaces is that every space has its own unique vibe. When you arrive in a new spot, it’s helpful to find a couple of co-working spaces and check out the memberships they offer.

If you cannot choose the right co-working space, there is an easier and more affordable way to enjoy it but have flexibility. An app used by many digital nomads is called Croissant App. It offers different kinds of memberships according to how many hours you want to work and you can use those hours for various co-working spaces. So instead of having multiple memberships you have only 1 membership but access to all co-working spaces listed on the app.

At Digital Nomads Daily, we love this app and you should definitely check it out! Go to www.getcroissant.com

Another important part of Suzanne’s work-life balance is understanding her own needs and finding locations, accommodations and a community that meets those desires. And while it may not sound sexy – planning and self-discipline are part of every digital nomad’s life.

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