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28: How Digital Nomads Can Become Successful Entrepreneurs With John

Get ready for an episode with digital nomad entrepreneur John. He started his journey dreaming of a career in crypto trading but quickly realized that getting a sustainable income would be tough so instead, he focused on copywriting. His career kicked off by accepting low-paying projects but today, he is running a 5-people content agency specializing in crypto and fintech. In this episode, he shares success methods for building his business from scratch. We love John’s fresh perspective on becoming a successful entrepreneur and if you’re a digital nomad entrepreneur, freelancer or have a side hustle – make sure to listen to this episode.

“You need to set out a good work ethic towards your goals and you also need to be adaptable to whatever unfolds in front of you.”

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From digital nomad freelancer to running a content agency

John has lived the digital nomad lifestyle since 2018 and started his journey in the digital nomad hub Lisbon, Portugal. At the time, the cost of living was decent, enabling him to have a comfortable lifestyle while building his career. At first, John was using his savings and was very excited about cryptocurrencies. His focus was to become a full-time crypto trader. It was easier said than done and he shifted into copywriting to make a living. The first gigs weren’t high paying at all but it was a great stepping stone to building up his writing skills as a freelance copywriter. His hard work paid off as he runs a content writing agency specializing in complex topics such as crypto and fintech. His agency’s specialty is writing content in an appealing and digestible way.


Key takeaways on how digital nomads can become successful entrepreneurs

Building a successful business takes a lot of time in those first years. So everyone who dreams about this must be ready to invest a lot of hours and expect a very little social life. Prioritizing work over travel is also something we talked about in episode #04 – How to Combine Entrepreneurship and Travel With Entrepreneur Kristina..

Living in a more affordable place can reduce a lot of financial stress and this is one ingredients on how digital nomads can become successful entrepreneurs. John chose to live in Lisbon because he realized that because of the low cost of living, he could focus on building his business and still enjoy the city. He shares that if he were to live in London, building a business wouldn’t be possible.

Business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs have to wear many hats every day. We talked about this with digital nomad entrepreneurs Chelsea, Anne and Micaela on the podcast and John shares the same opinion in this episode. So how digital nomads can become successful entrepreneurs is by discovering the different success methods businesses could use helped him grow his agency. A couple of methods he used to grow his online business are:


#01 Avoid spreading yourself too thin

Find your niche and focus on only doing a couple of things. He learned that when you spread your focus too thin by offering various services, your value proposition becomes vague. This results in not finding the right clients or any clients.


#02 Share your best work with your network

Use digital content like a newsletter to showcase some of your best work. Share this with your network and clients so people learn about your expertise.


#03 Do an excellent job and get referrals

Always work to deliver excellent work so you can get referrals. Organizations and people who like you and your work are more likely to share it with their network. Chels shares in episode #20 – The Live Of A Traveling Website Designer how she created a referral system where her clients also benefit from referring her business. That’s a great idea and especially if you are just starting out.


#04 Make your business needs a priority

Be critical and focus on what your business needs to become more successful. This includes tracking where your returns (clients) are coming from and doing more of what works. This approach sounds easy but keep in mind that it takes time and patience as you’ll try different things.


‘‘At the end of the day, especially if you are doing it yourself and its the start, your time and energy is going to be limited so you can’t expect too much of yourself.’’


Image of digital nomad entrepreneur John Quigley for the digital nomads daily podcast talking about How Digital Nomads Can Become Successful Entrepreneurs
The path of how digital nomads can become successful entrepreneurs isn’t always easy but definitely fulfilling if you love what you do. If you liked this episode and enjoyed The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast, make sure to rate it! Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to follow John and us at Digital Nomads Daily online.

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