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50: Creating Your Career Around The Lifestyle You Want To Live With Natasha

When was the first time you started thinking about becoming a digital nomad? And did you have this way of always living inside of you? This week we speak with Natasha. She is a 3rd culture kid and grew up in different continents and cultures. We discuss how she designed her digital nomad lifestyle and career decisions as a digital nomad lifestyle. She tried different ways to make money online, learned what brings fulfillment and eventually created her career as a content creator. Natasha is an online entrepreneur and balancing work-life is challenging. She learned a lot about this over the year. In this episode, Natasha shares what works for her to live her digital nomad lifestyle successfully!

‘‘It comes back to believing in yourself and clarifying what your skills are worth and know your value and standing your ground.”

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Meet digital nomad content creator Natasha

Natasha saw many places growing up and traveling around the world wasn’t a new concept for her. In fact, she was a 3rd culture kid and kind of a nomad growing up. Traveling with family is very different from exploring the world on your own and Natasha also had to design her digital nomad life.

At the beginning of her solo journey, she chose to teach English online. She was a teacher in the USA and doing it online made the most sense at the time. While teaching English, she also worked on her passion for becoming a full-time content creator. Many digital nomads approach the lifestyle this way because an online job is safe and secure so you have time, money and energy to build out your next big thing.

Before her dream kicked off Natasha wasn’t feeling fulfilled in her teaching job was just enough to pay the bills and live comfortably. Remote work was popular (and we all know why) and she got a remote full-time corporate job. This was a huge shift and very different from her life as an online teacher. A big lesson for her was that the job and demanding work culture wasn’t her thing and completely burned her out. So she quit her job, took time for herself, and rethought her strategy.

Hard work and willpower paid off; today, she is a full-time digital nomad content creator. She talks about travel, self-care and balance, and you can find her on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

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The life of a full-time content creator

Many people, including digital nomads, dream of becoming a full-time content creator. We already learned on the podcast that this job is not for lazy folks and an uncertain path. Digital nomad Isabel talks about this in episode 32: How To Become A Travel Blogger And Make Money Online. We love Natasha’s tips in this episode and here are 4 things she shares with us:

Since she quit her job cold turkey, she did not have a plan. Natasha had some savings but felt the pressure of performing and really making it happen.

Charging for brand deals and collaborations was a new way of making money. So in the beginning, she needed to figure out how much to charge and set her rates. Doing research, asking around and slowly bumping her rates up is how she did it.

Knowing your worth is a big confidence booster. So this is something that happened after her first bigger deal. From then, she started asking for more with confidence.

Natasha describes her content creator career as an iceberg. What people see of her and her confidence didn’t happen overnight and it’s almost 10 years of hard work and a rollercoaster ride. What people see is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Tips on how to prioritize work-life balance

One of the most important things we need as a human is self-care. In the digital nomad community, many people talk about this and topics like mental health, physical health, and well-being are openly discussed. At Digital Nomads Daily, we love asking our guests what is important for them and how they do it. Natasha shares what works for her:

#01 Prioritizing her health and sleep is essential to be productive and feeling good.


#02 The digital nomad lifestyle often allows you to set your own schedule and she includes things to nurture and respect her body’s needs.


#03 Always do more self-care than you think you need. So make sure to move your body and mental nurturing like meditating or journaling.


#04 If you don’t have a schedule set in stone, try to do what tasks feel most natural to you at that time.


Lastly, if you are a digital nomad girl, experiment to work with your cycles. So approach your cycles as seasons and use your natural energy in your everyday work and personal life.

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