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04: How to Combine Entrepreneurship and Travel With Kristina

The truth about entrepreneurship while being a Digital Nomad isn’t always as sexy. Our guest Kristina slowly became a digital nomad while living abroad. It all started with an internship in China 6 years ago. She shares what it takes to build a successful business while traveling the world. Learn how to prioritize and find a balance between work and travel – and stay true to your personal values.

“It took 2 years of overworking. It took 2 years to get out there traveling again. So, it’s not like I’m sitting at the beach, drinking coconuts and money is raining over me..”

How she started her digital nomad journey

Not all Digital Nomads start this lifestyle straight from an Instagram ad. Kristina and her boyfriend left Austria in 2015 to do an internship in China. She studied Business and her boyfriend studies German Literature. After just a couple of years working abroad, they discovered that there was a huge market for German writers. In 2017 they started a ghostwriting agency, 100% remote. Creating a business while traveling works for some people. However, their travel speed changed while they were in nomad capital Bali. Being surrounded by nomadic entrepreneurs, joining talks and events they decided to stop traveling for some time and work on their business. Like Kristina calls it on our podcast, it was time to professionalize their company. This included 60+ hours of long weeks and hard work! Since then they have managed to grow their company 10 times and continued traveling the world.


Slow Travel vs Fast Travel

As a Digital Nomad, there are periods where you travel non-stop hopping from one country to another. This is also known as ‘fast travel’ while others prefer to stay a couple of weeks or months before switching destination which we call ‘slow travel’. Kristina finds herself now in what she interprets as ‘medium travel’, changing place every 1-3 months.

Interesting is that this is very different from other periods of her life. As her Digital Nomad life began so did her fast traveling. This was a lot of fun but she also mentions that it can cost money, time to organize the trip and significantly less focus on her business. So when she started her business, in order to make it work, the fast traveling wasn’t gonna grow her company. Listen to the the podcast episode to find out more about the stages that she found herself during the years of becoming an entrepreneur.

Finding the right balance by prioritizing

Every location and travel situation has it’s own special experience. Kristina’s advice to nomadic entrepreneurs who’re just starting out is the importance of accepting the moment that you are in. In other words, you can’t have everything all the time and this is where that state of accepting is so important.

She shares that you have to learn how to prioritize and find the balance between your travels and your professional goals. Another great tip is to keep looking at the bigger picture when making decisions or changes. Ask yourself, is this way sustainable?

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Stay close to your own values

Kristina is a successful entrepreneur and Digital Nomad and her best advice is stay true to your personal values. As she mentioned, she studied Business and she loves traveling. That doesn’t mean though that she is wants to open a hostel in Thailand. That is simply not something close to her values. Exploring new areas of business is important for her as well. Kristina shares how she tried the path of coaching others into becoming a digital nomad. It wasn’t for her and accepted that situation. Finally, she emphasises to work on on finding your strengths, keep working on them and staying true to your values.

Quick take aways of this episode

  • You don’t have to change who you are to find your path, do something you like, and try to make it into a business.
  • Traveling is great but if you want to do this for the long run you have to make it work and sustainable.
  • Find out what your strengths are and keep developing them.
  • Find the balance between your travels and professional goals.

About Kristina

In this episode, digital nomad Kristina from Austria is talking about what she learned building a business while traveling the world. She is a successful entrepreneur that runs multiple companies. She has been traveling for over 6 years with her fiancé and they founded their business together. Her journey abroad all started with an internship in China. Since then they have been traveling non-stop.

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