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47: How To Maximize Your Remote Lifestyle and Business Abroad with Denys

How can you set yourself up for a freedom lifestyle and have a business abroad? It’s a topic many digital nomads are curious about and in this episode we dive into it with the organizer of the Freedom Business Summit, Denys. He gathered experts from all over the world to talk about international entrepreneurship, residency, banking, flag theory and many more things to create a freedom lifestyle. Denys is a successful entrepreneur and shares his ideas on creating a successful location-independent lifestyle and business abroad. Listen to this episode if you are (an aspiring) entrepreneur and want to learn how to build different income streams and design a clever location-independent business freedom lifestyle.

‘‘You have to understand that life is first and business is second. You cannot build your life around your business because business is a tool to help you live the life that you want.”

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Business advice for digital nomads

Denys shares in this episode valuable business advice for anyone who is interested in creating a freedom lifestyle. He shares that there are two ways to build a business.

Option 1: You can sell your time so that is mostly how remote employees, freelancers and consultants work.

Option 2: You can create a system so your business can operate without you wasting time.

The second way sounds more exciting and definitely gives you more freedom. There are only 24 hours in the day and only around six hours you can dedicate to work. So the first idea is a great way to start but it has a limit so it’s not total freedom for some people. On the other hand, Denys shares that entrepreneurship is not for everyone, so being part of a company can give you the comfort and freedom you seek. Keep in mind that every business takes time and it requires dedication.

Focus on your core values instead of your mind

How you design your life and make money depends on your core values. So before you start any business or find a remote job, you must look inside yourself and be clear on what you value.

Digital nomad Denys’s best advice is not to run a business just to run a business but to find something that has meaning. It could be connected to your purpose or how you want to impact people’s lives. Creating something close to your core values is how you can bring real value to your own life and others.

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The key ingredient to living a long-lasting remote lifestyle

Life comes with ups and downs and while you can have a vision of what you want in life is not always going to be how you designed it. That’sThat’s why you must set yourself up for success as much as possible and this starts with your “structure”.

Remote and location-independent could sound like you just hop around and don’t have to take care of anything but the reality is different. If you want to keep living this lifestyle, you must understand that the world is changing rapidly. So you want to make sure you do your due diligence regarding where your base will be, what country you can incorporate your company and where you create other assets. So the key ingredient is to find those locations where you feel comfortable.

This is a complex process and there are different concepts. Denys has been going through this himself and created a network of people in the same boat. This is how the Freedom Business Summit was created as more digital nomads and location-independent folks join the community it’s a common topic.

So if you are interested in this and want to learn more about how to maximize your remote lifestyle and build a business abroad make sure to join the summit.

It’s a free event happening on November 9-10 with experts and speakers from all over the world. Some experts you have already seen on our podcast like Tim Martin from Citizen Remote and Tarek.

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