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46: The 5 Best Ways To Find Friends For Digital Nomads With Marina

Digital Nomad Marina started her digital nomad journey as a backpacker. She loves traveling and started working online to continue her travel life. One of her favorite things about traveling is meeting other people. She loves to hang out with other digital nomads and travelers but also enjoys hanging out with locals. In this episode, she shares her unique ways to enrich her digital nomad lifestyle. We talk about how to make meaningful connections and give tips on giving back to local communities without donating cash. Get a peek behind the scenes at how she lives her nomad life to the fullest.

‘‘The best way to build a community is to find out what you like to do and find communities that do exactly that. ”

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Meet digital nomad Marina and her story of becoming a digital nomad

Leaving corporate work life and heading off into the world to figure out life was the first step of Marinas’ digital nomad journey. Initially, she just went on a backpacking trip but fell in love with the travel lifestyle and found a way to continue traveling. Marina is currently making a living through consulting services. However, her entrepreneurial mind doesn’t sit still. Marina describes the ultimate freedom to build a business that doesn’t depend on her working hours.

It’s a conversation we had with digital nomad Anne in episode #22, who grew her freelance career into a successful agency. Her days look very different now and she currently works only a couple of hours a day. Anne shares meaningful lessons in this episode so if you want to learn more about online entrepreneurship and freelancing click here to listen.

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Marina’s tips on how to find digital nomads friends and build your community

One of Marina’s favorite things about the digital nomad lifestyle and traveling is meeting new people. So finding community is a big focus whenever she goes to a new location. While some nomads are more introverted, like digital nomad marcel, Marina enjoys going out and connecting with others.

She shares that it’s important to be surrounded by people that can teach her new things, support her and have a community that pushes her forward. So how does she find like-minded people? Here are the top 5 tips Marina shared in this episode.

😎 Slow down the travel pace and stay 1-3 months in one location so you have time to get to know the digital nomads and the locals.

😎 Choose a shared accommodation so you always have people around you. A co-living with private rooms or a homestay are great places to live comfortably and mingle.

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😎 Put yourself out there and introduce yourself in online groups and make sure people know you (or are about to) arrived in town. Of course, Marina always keeps in mind people could reject her or get ignored but she doesn’t focus on that. Marina’s goal is to meet people so that’s her focus.

😎 Find a location that meets your needs and return seasonally so you already know some people when you return.

😎 Follow the local businesses on social media and research the things to do that matter to you beforehand. Marina always searches for all the yoga or pilates places around town and this is where she usually meets like-minded people.

Even though Marina is an extrovert and has no problems meeting new people, she does find it hard to make deeper connections. Especially on the days she doesn’t feel like her positive self, it’s nice to have closer friends around you. Coming back to places is a good way to tackle this. Marina also travels with her partner, although making meaningful connections is always a priority in her digital nomad lifestyle.

How digital nomads can give back to local communities

Aside from friends, Marina also loves to support local communities. She does this by following them on social media and consuming from local businesses. So instead of going to Starbucks, she will have her coffee in a local cafe. In this way, she enriches her lifestyle even more and by sharing this, she hopes to inspire other digital nomads to do the same. Connecting with locals also has given her unique experiences so this is an extra reason to step out of your comfort zone and go local!

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