How Digital Nomads Can Increase Focus And Have A Powerful Morning Every Day

Do you wake up every morning full of energy ready to concur the day? Angela Shurina joined The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast to share how she helps digital nomad and remote entrepreneurs achieve exactly that! She is a Performance & Brain Coach who helps people maximize their time and become more productive. 

In the episode, she shared helpful tips and since we loved it so much, we invited her to host an interactive workshop inside the DND Club to go deeper on this topic. The Digital Nomads Daily Club is our online learning hub where digital nomads connect, share experiences and can learn from each other. It’s an interactive experience and DND Club members can rewatch all past and future workshops anytime. Since the DND Club just launched and we have a special early-bird promotion. Get access for one year for $49, only $649 and always have a seat at our private workshops! We host a new workshop with an experienced digital nomad every other week to share the HOWs on working remotely, running a business, traveling the world and everything in between!

Angela’s goal is to help people deliver more at work so they can experience more in life. In her work, she translates the neuroscience of high performance and “happy brain states” into nutrition, lifestyle, behavior protocols, and environment design.

Digital nomads move around and the change of locations isn’t always the best ingredient for strong routines. So digital nomads and remote workers need to pay attention to their morning routine to ensure they feel motivated and focused daily. This doesn’t happen overnight but through neuroscience-based hacks, tools, and tips, anyone can change their state when needed and make the best out of their day from anywhere. 

5 tips on how digital nomads can increase their focus

Angela works with a powerful morning formula that includes 3 different elements to focus on. The power morning formula’s main purpose is to instruct you every single day for top performance, empowering the right mindset, and reinforcing beneficial habits. According to Angela, a productive morning consists of having 3 things: 

  1. High levels of energy 
  2. High levels of motivation 
  3. High levels of focus 

High levels of morning energy 

The main key to having energy in the morning is a great night’s sleep. Three things to have in mind for the best quality and restorative sleep that Angela shares are:

  • Maintaining a regular sleep makes the best nights. The more regular your sleeping schedule is, the easier it gets to fall asleep, and the more optimized your sleep becomes. 
  • Get around 8 hours of sleep hours every night. 
  • The essential hours of sleep are from 10 pm – 4 am.

Kick start the day with high levels of morning motivation

The higher your dopamine levels are, the more motivated you will feel every morning. Angela shares some tips to raise your dopamine in a natural and healthy way:

  • Exercise and moving your body in the morning stimulates dopamine. It doesn’t need to be a long run or a 1 hour at the gym. It can be a walk, stretches, yoga, or anything that feels right for you. 
  • Try to get sunshine on your body every morning for at least 20 minutes. 
  • Wake up your body with a cold shower. The colder and longer the shower is, the more dopamine your body creates. This is a great boost for your focus and keeps you awake. 

Digital nomads need to boost their focus actively 

It happens to everyone that sometimes our brains wander off while trying to work or complete a task. Before you realize it becomes impossible to pay attention to what’s important and it’s hard to get work done. In order to focus, Angela emphasizes having clear goals and limiting distractions. Here are 3 hacks:

  • Write down your goals for the day en define the meaning of done for the tasks you want to accomplish.
  • Get rid of distractions around you and work in a space that stimulates focus. Stunning views, people, pools and a messy desk aren’t the best for deep focus work. 
  • Keep breathing and do breathing exercises to regain your focus.

Image of Digital Nomads Daily Club the online learning platform for digital nomads and remote workers

Watch the workshop Many more tips and practical exercises in the workshop 

These were just a couple of super helpful tips for digital nomads and remote workers to have a powerful morning every day. Inside the DND Club you can find this workshop and future workshops hosted by experienced digital nomads. 

We created the club to share practical behind-the-scenes tips used by digital nomads daily to succeed in their business and lifestyle. It’s exciting to share the knowledge you often don’t see on Instagram in one place. Since we recently launched the club you can now enjoy the early bird offer for $49 only and get access to all future workshops for one year.

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