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Why is Cyprus a great country for digital nomads?

Estonia is probably one of the least known and underrated countries in Europe. 

It is also one of the pioneers of the Digital Nomad Visa Estonia, launching it in August 2020. This country has the most accessible Internet in the world after Iceland. With fast, reliable Internet and a growing community, you could say it counts with all the practical things remote workers need. And for the adventurous and outdoor travelers, there are plenty of activities like skiing, skating, hiking, and camping! 

What are the visa requirements?

✅ Visa length: There are 2 visa options. The first is the short stay which is for 6 months. The second option is the more extended stay, which is for 1 year. In this last, you can apply for a second extended stay. 

✅ Application form Proof of Purpose. This is a letter that establishes your status as a digital nomad, that you conduct a business as a partner or shareholder on behalf of a company registered in a foreign country, or that you are a freelancer with contracts from foreign entities. 

✅ The minimum monthly income is 3504 (Euro)/ 3693 (USD). Plus, you need to prove that you have repeatedly earned this amount in the past 6 months.

🔗 Link to the official government site

Keep in mind that digital nomad visas are constantly changing and being updated by each country’s government. Always check the official website for new requirements and information. Follow us on Instagram @digitalnomadsdaily and tune in every Wednesday for a new episode on Spotify on The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast

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