Enrich your digital nomad lifestyle by giving back to local communities

In this special episode, the founder of Nomads Giving Back, Tarek, interviews Nienke Nina about how you can enrich your digital nomad lifestyle by helping local communities. He is an experienced digital nomad and passionate about sharing knowledge about how to support local communities successfully. The Nomads Giving Back team contributed to Nienke Nina’s book Digital Nomads With Confidence. They shared insights about the different ways to give back and practical tips you can apply in your digital nomad life. Tune in and enjoy this inspiring conversation.

β€œI would ask everyone, β€œHow do you give back to the communities?” β€œHow do you connect with locals?” Most of the time they would say, β€œI don’t know, but if you figure it out, let me know because I want to do the same thing.”

The digital nomad lifestyle can often feel like an extended holiday, hence why it’s becoming more popular. There are more ways to give meaning to this lifestyle and giving back to local communities is a beautiful way to enrich your digital nomad life and others.

There are different ways to support other communities beyond donating money. Tarek is the founder of Nomads Giving Back and shares his story on The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast. In the episode, he shares how you can give back and other helpful this. Listen to the episode by clicking here. The conversation inspired us to dedicate one chapter in our book Digital Nomads With Confidence to inspiring others to also give back to local communities. In the book you find answers to the following questions:

  • #93 Why is it important that I give back to local communities?
  • #94 How can I help the local community?
  • #95 How can I determine if a project is ethical?
  • #96 How do I know a volunteering program is right for me?
  • #97 What if I don’t want to join an entire volunteering program?
  • #98 How can I support a local community from a distance?
  • #99 How can I inspire others to give back too?
  • #100 How can I reduce my waste while traveling?

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The chapter also includes one of the many personal stories of Nienke Nina. She shares how she turned her birthday into a donation day and helped a community in Brazil. The digital nomad lifestyle offers many beautiful opportunities and giving back to local communities could enrich your experience even deeper. Nienke Nina and Tarek share in this episode that smaller initiatives could already be impactful. And if you are not sure how to give back, you can always turn your birthday into a special donation day.

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