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Building A Business To Live Your Dream Lifestyle with Jeanna

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Listen to our interview with digital nomad entrepreneur Jeanna:

🔥 How to intentionally designed your life

🔥 How to build an online business that matches your core values

🔥 How to find balance between travel and work life

🔥 How to set boundaries for entrepreneurs

🔥 Learn all about Jeanna’s everyday routines

🔥🔥🔥 And so much more must-know digital nomad lifestyle tips for (aspiring) digital nomads!

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“There is no amount of hustling in the world that is going to give you just the experience of time.”

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Meet digital nomad and successful female entrepreneur Jeanna

She is a successful entrepreneur and started her digital nomad back in 2016 and decided to quit her job and travel to Central America and is living the digital nomad lifestyle as a slowmad. Jeanna isn’t the only one that enjoys the slow-pacing lifestyle. We talked about this with digital nomad Kristin in episode #48 title of the episode.

Jeanna is an entrepreneur who built her agency First Page Strategy from the ground. Her company employs around 40 people and it’s a 100% remote business. Jeanna isn’t the only one living abroad and she shares that her employees live a location-independent lifestyle and work from different places. In fact, it’s an important pillar in her company and she shares that she intentionally designed her business around this because she wanted to work with people who share these values.

Working from different places and building a successful remote business are milestones achieved but Jeanna wanted to become financially independent. This motivated her to work even harder and live comfortably between the USA and Honduras.

Building a successful online business while traveling

Owning a successful business sounds sexy but Jeanna shares that it’s not the easiest path. Before getting to where she is today, it took her willpower and hard work. Jeanna shares some things that helped her achieve her goals and brought her to where she is today.


Creating routines always to be your best self

Jeanna shares that routines are essential to ensure that she does all the work that she needs to do daily. Even when she goes to a new location, she sticks to the routine and developing discipline and routine was what she probably spent the first 2 or 3 years on. Some helpful tips Jeanna includes in her routines:


  • Always get dressed and don’t work in pajamas
  • Get somebody movement in the morning like a workout or yoga
  • Working around your productivity hours so for Jeanna this means working in the morning
  • Get work done in a quiet place and limit distractions
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Becoming 100% location independent

An important pillar in Jeanna’s life was the freedom to work from anywhere. So she intentionally designed her business around this lifestyle and worked with people who share the same values. She currently has 40 people on her team working, all working remotely.


Take disconnecting and detox seriously

People are busy and especially entrepreneurs like Jeanna. Disconnecting is essential to stay on top of her game with steady routines es as mentioned above. Jeanna shares that she is obsessed with her technology boundaries. She manages her notifications and costumes her home screen and sound.

She also hides her work apps so she doesn’t get notified when she isn’t working. For example, during the weekends and afternoons. Really manage notifications and quiet hours to do what you must do during the day but still be available. She customizes her home screen not to allow any red badges of notifications in her home screen. She hides slack and ClickUp in another folder that she can’t see on weekends and afternoons.

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Becoming 100% location independent

Lastly, Jeanna is 100% out of work when she takes a holiday. Of course, it’s tempting to check your email or want to know what to do but having these technology boundaries help her to stay sane.

A popular book that Jeanna read and that helped her a lot is called “Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport”. Click here to get it on Amazon.

digital-minimalism-by-cal newport recommended by digital nomad entrepreneur Jeanna for the digital nomads daily podcast

The balance is more on my personal life and not on work. Work is just something that fits in the larger piece of the pie. To do that, I need to be thinking about my boundaries constantly and I can’t let those boundaries be crossed otherwise, it’s like working for another 9-5 company in an office.

Jeanna’s final piece of advice for all digital nomad entrepreneurs is to take the hustling off your plate as much as possible so you won’t burn out. So make sure where ever you go to experience places, meet people, enjoy hobbies and of course, enjoy life.

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