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How to Travel the World As A Digital Nomad Couple with Dom and Jo

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Listen to our interview with digital nomads Dom and Jo:

🔥 How to turn your passion into an income stream
🔥 Tips on to become a digital nomad and work from anywhere
🔥 How to deal with daily digital nomad questions as a couple
🔥 How to keep the spark up in your nomadic relationship
🔥 How to maintain a healthy work/life/couple balance
🔥🔥🔥 And so much more must-know digital nomad lifestyle tips for (aspiring) digital nomads!
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“I think one-way people can struggle is if they are just hustling and just working. They have nothing. That’s all they have in common because they have no other hobbies or things to do, and then I think that can become tough.”

Featured image Digital Nomads Daily Podcast episode 65 How to Travel the World As A Digital Nomad Couple with Dom and Jo

Meet digital nomad couple Dom & Jo

The international couple is used to hopping countries as they both love traveling and are from different countries. Dom is Canadian, and Jo is from Denmark. To spend time together in the same country, they usually deal with visa limitations so moving around is part of the lifestyle. Before becoming digital nomads, they had already traveled, and to continue the travel lifestyle, the only solution was to make money online.
Digital Nomads Daily Podcast episode 65 How to Travel the World As A Digital Nomad Couple with Dom and Jo

How digital nomads make money online

The answer for many digital nomad entrepreneurs is creating multiple income streams to find things they love doing and turn them into an income stream. Jo dropped out of college and took a course focused on becoming a virtual assistant. She found a job as a VA, and this gave her the freedom to work from anywhere.

Another benefit of taking a course and gaining work experience was that she had time to figure out what she liked doing. During this time, she learned a lot of handy skills, many of which are handy in her current business. By turning things they love doing into multiple income streams, they feel less at risk. If one stream isn’t going well, they still have the others, so they feel pretty confident and secure. Today they are working on multiple things, and here is a quick overview of their income streams.

💰Personal brand and blogging
💰Podcast management Agency with her partner
💰Virtual assistant-related tasks

Image Digital Nomads Daily Podcast episode 65 How to Travel the World As A Digital Nomad Couple with Dom and Jo

Digital Nomads need human interactions

It’s very true, and just because digital nomads love traveling, it doesn’t mean we love being alone. On the contrary, one of the most exciting things aside from beautiful travels is meeting other people, especially the digital nomad community. Don and Jo also feel this, and one of their favorite activities is hiking. So the couple is currently working on organizing a hiking trip, and they invite other digital nomads and hike lovers to join them.

So looking at their quick list of income streams, the hiking trip will be added to that as well. It’s a perfect example of turning your passion into an income stream while keeping things fun.


Life as a digital nomad couple working together.

In 2022 we also interviewed digital nomad couples about how to manage their day-to-day life as a couple working together on the same project. Every couple experiences its own challenges, and also Dom and Jo share some of their biggest challenges of the lifestyle as a digital nomad couple working together.

Couples business partners

This is probably the most obvious struggle that all couples face when working and living under the same roof. A hack is to have moments together where work-talk is simply not allowed. No matter how upset or excited you are about something – work is not discussed at, for example, date night. It sounds easy, but Dom and Jo share in the episode that even after years, this is challenging, but they get better at it.

Focus on individual needs

The couple loves hanging out with friends and hiking but also has their own individual needs and ways of relaxing. So they like to travel to places where they can do what they both like doing and fulfill their personal desires. Community plays a big part in this because relaxing time is often with friends.

Outdoor activities

Staying away from your screen is a great way to disconnect from work, and the same goes for digital nomad couples. A short walk outside in the forest or at the beach or more adventurous trips like hiking, cycling, or think about watersports like canoeing. Outdoor activities have multiple benefits for digital nomads, like the nurturing of mental health and physical health. Surrounding yourself with different environments also sparks new conversations and energy, so that’s why this is a great tip for digital nomads.

Listen to the episode for more behind-the-scenes digital nomad tips.

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